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When you find a solution that works post a comment and give it a rating. If you find the page but don’t find a solution post what you can in the comments of that page. Or if there is no entry for your error then post the error message and whatever else you can to the Add Errors page. I monitor this page and will get to it when I can.

To find the cause of the error and solution I followed the following process and guidelines. First, if I run into an error I come back to the site, search to see if it exists (search by error number) and if it isn’t found or isn’t answered then I create an entry about it (add errors here). In the entry I provide as much information about it as possible. This includes the error message, error code, when it is generated (design time or runtime) and so on.

Next I attempt to find and provide the solution if available. Note: I include entries about errors even when I haven’t found a solution so that in the future if I do find the solution I can post it here.

For help on your Flash, Flex and ActionScript code please post to StackOverflow.

Since it’s a WordPress site with comments enabled visitors are welcome to post comments, solutions, code, feedback etc and rate the solutions as well.

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5 Responses to HOME

  1. James says:

    hey this is action script 2, i was wondering if you know how to convert this into action script 3? ive been trying for a good 2/3 weeks now and just cannot do it, it has to be done for time line code (We cant use .as files etc)

    lvl1wall.hitTest(_x, _y+radius, true)) {

    if u can offer any help this would be greatly appreciated, the object i want to prevent going thought the wall is “player”, also i lvoe this website it has helped me out so much during this flash class at college keep up the good work

    • Judah says:

      Hi James,
      Thanks. You would need to provide more code to see what’s going on. I think you will find a lot of great support for this at stackoverflow.com.
      PS I think in AS3 it may be hitTestPoint() or hitTestObject() rather than hitTest? Always check the error messages.

  2. James says:

    that was just an section of the code, the full code is as follows:

    while (lvl1wall.hitTest(_x, _y+radius, true)) {
    while (lvl1wall.hitTest(_x, _y-radius, true)) {
    while (lvl1wall.hitTest(_x-radius, _y, true)) {
    while (lvl1wall.hitTest(_x+radius, _y, true)) {

    i got the hittestobject working however I’ve had to do each wall the player comes into contact with separately, and some walls where the player can touch all 4 sides, I’ve had to make 4 invisible walls for the -&+ x/y coordinates, not very effective as its over 400 lines long now where the above code done it in 12 lines, I think I need a bitmap.hittest :S but every tutorial I’ve read for it uses xml (I know how to use xml but they don’t mention what you actually put in the xml document etc) thanks for the help

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