1083 Syntax error: _ is unexpected.

The line of code is missing some information. In the following example, some expression (such as another number) needs to be included after the final plus sign:

var sum:int = 1 + 2 + ;

AS3 error 1083 says that you have too many dots. Look carefully at the line of code and you will most likely see that your speedy typing fingers hit the period one too many times. This can happen while targeting an object or when you are using decimals. Doubledot is valid in AS3 but only in the context of E4X. You use doubledot otherwise known as the descendent accessor (..) operator to access child properties of an XML object.

Flex Error 1083 Fix:
Remove the extra dot.

Bad code 1

var intLat:Number = myNumber * ..0006;

Good code 1

var intLat:Number = myNumber * .0006;

Bad code 2

this..myObj.x = 100;

Good code 2

this..myObj.x = 100;

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