Deployment Failed: …failure 881 debug token has expired

Deployment Failed: Info: Sending Request: Install

result::failure 881 debug token has expired

This happens when you need to renew your debug token on your device.

If it at one time you were able to debug on the device and you are using Flash Builder you can click the renew button in the Flash Builder > Preferences > Target Platform > Blackberry Playbook > Signing > Debug Tokens section. Select the debug token and click the Upload button.

You may need to choose the device. Click OK.

If a screen shows, when launching in debug mode, asking to “create a new token” and then “use existing token on device” choose “No” (since it is the old token) or “Yes” if you haven’t uploaded yet (check date). This will cause the new debug token to be uploaded. If it continues to ask each time restart Flash Builder.

If it was successfully uploaded it should show up in the developer screen on the device with your author name and new expiry date. Make sure you are in debug mode on the device.

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