2030 End of file was encountered.

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  1. Dang Kim Lien says:

    I have an error when working with MySQL:
    Error: Error #2030: End of file was encountered.
    at flash.utils::ByteArray/readByte()
    at ProxiedByteArray/readByte()[/Users/Matt/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2/asSQL_PureAS3/src/com/maclema/mysql/ProxiedByteArray.as:56]
    at ProxiedBuffer/readString()[/Users/Matt/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2/asSQL_PureAS3/src/com/maclema/mysql/ProxiedBuffer.as:42]
    at ServerInformation()[/Users/Matt/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2/asSQL_PureAS3/src/com/maclema/mysql/ServerInformation.as:35]
    at HandshakeHandler/newPacket()[/Users/Matt/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2/asSQL_PureAS3/src/com/maclema/mysql/HandshakeHandler.as:48]
    at DataHandler/pushPacket()[/Users/Matt/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2/asSQL_PureAS3/src/com/maclema/mysql/DataHandler.as:48]
    at com.maclema.mysql::Connection/checkForPackets()[/Users/Matt/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2/asSQL_PureAS3/src/com/maclema/mysql/Connection.as:485]
    at com.maclema.mysql::Connection/onSocketData()[/Users/Matt/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2/asSQL_PureAS3/src/com/maclema/mysql/Connection.as:458]

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